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A secret about me…

So if you know me.. You know that I’m extremely talkative.. I could talk all day if need be… But in all honesty. I’m very anti social. I’m more than happy to stay in my house and just avoid people. I wouldn’t have to deal with all the stupidity if I did that… Lol

Totally in love…

Ive been in love before… Regardless of what the outcome of that love was I still know how it feels. The way I feel now is absolutely nothing like that. Its not even compareable. I knew then that I would do anything for him and be anything for him and no matter what happened I would be there. Only I expected the same in return. In the beginning it may have been that way.. But as time moved on I began to realize that he could say he would be and do all of those things. But he never would. I stuck around holding onto hope that one day he would change.. Eventually that hope turned to fear that I would never make it on my own. I was completely miserable. I couldnt take it anymore. I found the courage I needed.

The love I have and feel now is beyond anything I could have hoped for. The feeling you get when you know the person you love is willing to do absolutely anything for you without questioning it. Someone who can just look at you and read all your thoughts just by looking you in the eyes. That person makes you feel some incredible on the inside you cant possibly tell them how you feel in enough words. Its the kind of love you see in movies and always dream of but know its almost impossible to find.. Thats the kind of love I have found… And I couldnt be happier

A year in review…

It’s been a year… I can still remember how I felt in my last relationship… Always stressed out… Always worried… Carrying the weight of my family on my shoulders. Never having any help…
Everything has done a 180°… Financially I have dug myself out of a hole. It took the whole year but I did it. I proved that I could do everything by myself. I managed all the bills on my own for 6 months.
I’ve finally realized how I should be treated. I bend over backwards for my significant other and I found a man who does the same.. Whenever I get stressed he reminds me that it’s not just me anymore… It’s us. With him I don’t have to stand alone. He loves me and my boys.
Needless to say the last year has been a total life change.. But I wouldn’t change any of it for the world…

Rockin the new color…  (Taken with Instagram)

Rockin the new color… (Taken with Instagram)

I have it…

Women love romance movies. Sad but true. The saddest part is believing that real love is like that. Some women spend their whole lives searching for a love like then ones they see in the movies. The truth is that that love exists. But the odds of finding it are slim to none. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Ive see so many romantic movies. And dreamed of a love like that. Who knew that I would find it. Everything about him his amazing. Hes perfect. Hes considerate, helpful, passionate, romantic, handsome, loveable. I dont know that I could name all of the things he is. I look forward to waking up everyday just to see his face.. Some how I found a movie romance

Holy vhs tapes… #oldschool (Taken with Instagram)

Holy vhs tapes… #oldschool (Taken with Instagram)

the perfect weekend…

I feel as though I waited a lifetime for this one weekend. The memories I have from the first time around have never left me.. I often wondered if things would be the same. Nothing had changed. It was just the way I remember. His touch is electric. Its like I can feel how much he loves me. I cant get the images out of my head. My mind has a been a steady stream of flashes from every moment he touched me. I’m having trouble keeping my thoughts straight. I can’t wait to spend every day of forever with him.

Ooooh snap!!! Is that a hills price tag??? #throwback  (Taken with Instagram)

Ooooh snap!!! Is that a hills price tag??? #throwback (Taken with Instagram)

No fighting..

Well its been almost 8 months.. And weve yet to have a fight.. Or even an argument of any kind.. Things are goin amazingly.. Pretty sure hes my soulmate

Pretty sure III is a ginger!! #winning  (Taken with Instagram)

Pretty sure III is a ginger!! #winning (Taken with Instagram)